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Veterans Singles 2023/24

Wednesday 6th December

To play at Second Stage

    To play at Snug & Hyde

L Blythe (3)
D Clift (11)
G Davies (18)
A Draper (17)
M Hardman (11)
S Hayward-Smith (11)
D Maidment (11)
A Ownsworth (3)
J Probert (2)
T Pines (3)
G Slade (19)
N Smith (1)
R Wheeler (11)
M Whitehead (2)
A Williams (19)
T Wright (2)

G Bates (9)
S Beech (19)
A Coats (9)
P Dymond (17)
T Fleet (18)
K Gemmel (8)
M Griffin (13)
M Harris (19)
R Lake (19)
P Moore (9)
S Partridge (11)
P Pinn (1)
K Prideaux (2)
C Rabbitts (6)
J Schiller (1)
A Wilmot (9)

Responsible person
Jo Card

Responsible person
Mark Griffin

Matches to be played on Wednesday December 6th 2023.

Players must register at their nominated venue between 6.45pm and 7pm.

Please register with the responsible person.

Draw will take place at 7pm and matches start at 7.15pm.

No late registrations will be accepted and will be excluded from the draw.

No replacements are allowed